M.E. Hughes - Letting Go: An Anthology of Attempts

M.E. Hughes has guided and edited a small army of writers since receiving her MFA in creative writing from Bennington College. In 1991, she founded the nonprofit Peripatetic Writing Workshop, Inc. She has taught creative writing at New York University for many years and is also a freelance book doctor/editor. She has published two nonfiction books and the novel, Precious In His Sight (Viking Penguin). 

Ann L. McLaughlin - Sunset at Rosalie

Ann L. McLaughlin is the author of eight highly acclaimed novels including Lightning in July and Amy and George. She teaches at the Writer's Center in Bethesda, Maryland and lives in Chevy Chase.


Avrom Bendavid-Val - The Lost Town: Bringing Back Trochenbrod

Avrom Bendavid-Val was working as an environmental consultant in Poland in 1997 when he decided to cross the Ukrainian border and visit the place his father came from, the town of Trochenbrod. Finding nothing there, he was determined to uncover the history and spirit of the vanished town. Avrom continues to this day to research, write, and make films about the town, and serve as the anchor for the American community of Trochenbrod descendants. He lives in Washington, DC.

Kate Blackwell - You Won't Remember This

Kate Blackwell worked as a journalist and editor before turning full-time to fiction. Her first collection, You Won't Remember This, was published in hardcover in 2007 by Southern Methodist University Press. Her stories have appeared in numerous journals, including Agni, Prairie Schooner, New Letters, Carve, The Literary Review, The Greensboro Review, Sojourner, and So To Speak.  
She lives in Washington, DC.


        Joseph Jablonski 1948-2014

        Joseph Jablonski 1948-2014

Joseph Jablonski - Landfall

Joseph Jablonski spent 30 of his 66 years circumnavigating the world on an odyssey that would bring him to test the limits of his courage and stamina. At age 50, Jablonski relinquished his role as captain for that of writer. Landfall, and Three Star Fix that precedes it, reveal the heart of a man engaged with the world, undaunted by its challenges, and at peace with his own nature.     





JP Bloch - Identity Thief

JP Bloch has a PhD but hopes people won’t hold it against him. His last name is pronounced “Block,” not “Blotch,” but he’s gotten used to it. He has been called far worse. He lives in Connecticut, where he is an indentured servant to his dog. JP writes on his king-size bed with the fan on. His hobbies include eating cashews while watching TV and overdosing on film noir favorites.



Al Sprague - The Clear Blue Line

Al Sprague, born and raised in the Republic of Panama, is one of the most recognized artists in Panama.The Panamanian government has used his paintings as gifts of state to the presidents of Mexico, France, Venezuela, Colombia, Spain, and Brazil. Recently, Al has begun to write novels based on his experiences growing up in Panama. The Mahogany Tree, a young adult bilingual novel published in 2010, was a finalist in the International Book Awards. The sequel to that novel, Windswept, also a bilingual book, was published in 2014


Ellis Chase  - In Search of the Fun-Forever Job: Career Strategies That Work

Ellis Chase is an experienced career management consultant. He is a sought-after speaker, known for his ability to connect with and motivate his audience. Whether he’s talking to large groups or individuals, whether the subject is career development or executive coaching – his energetic style and his years of experience in private practice, consulting firms, universities, and corporations get results.


Danny Wynn - Man from the Sky

Danny Wynn is a full-time fiction writer, and before that, he was an executive in the record industry and part-time fiction writer.He has lived in New York City, Los Angeles, and London, and now makes his home in the West Village with his wife and two children. His other favorite place in the world (after the West Village) is the island of Mallorca, Spain. He is currently finishing two novels.


Frank Tavares - The Man Who Built Boxes and other stories

Frank Tavares's short stories have appeared in a variety of literary journals including Louisiana Literature, Connecticut Review, Story Quarterly, and The GW Review. In his day job Tavares is a professor of communications at Southern Connecticut State University. He is also one of the founding editors and active member of the editorial board of The Journal of Radio and Audio Media. For more than 30 years, listeners have known Frank as "the voice of NPR."


Judith Podell  - Blues for Beginners: Stories and Obsessions

Judith Podell is a fiction writer, book critic and lapsed lawyer. Her earliest publication appeared in the Village Voice in 1973.  Since then her work has been published in: The Washington Post, The Cresecent Review, Mademoiselle, The New Guard Review, and WordWrights. An excerpt from Blues for Beginners was selected for the 2002 edition of Mirth of a Nation: The Best Contemporary Humor. The title story was nominated for a Pushcart Press Prize. She regularly reviews non-fiction books for Publisher’s Weekly and is a member of National Book Critics Circle.