About Bacon Press Books


The Backstory

No one ever said publishing was fair. But with the growth of independent publishing, the playing field got leveled a little. Authors no longer have to see their titles go out of print. They no longer have to leave it up to someone else to decide if their books should go digital.

That's why we started Bacon Press Books - to help writers release their already published hardcover books as paperbacks and eBooks. That’s still our goal: to guide authors through the process, either by teaching them how to do it, doing it with them or doing it for them. 

The Main Story

We published our first title in January 2013. It was Judith Podell's Blues for Beginners: Stories and Obsessions

This short story collection had been published earlier, the publisher went out of business, and Judith still had her manuscript. We were doing what we set out to do. 

But then we had the opportunity to publish original fiction and nonfiction and we couldn't pass it up. 

We just published our 13th title, with more to come. We've been very fortunate to have found talented editors, book and cover designers, digital converters, and we even know a few public relations professionals and publicists. 

While we're still committed to helping authors create digital and/or paperback versions of their already published books, we sometimes take on original work. 

We've learned a lot during the past 5 years. Our business model keeps evolving. We hate turning away good authors but we also know our limits. 
If you'd like to know more about working with Bacon Press Books, please read our new FAQ first. If you still have questions, contact us at editor@baconpressbooks.com

About our Name
Many years ago, we were browsing our favorite antique stores in Whitehall, Michigan, looking for old kitchen gadgets. We came across something that looked almost like an old-fashioned iron except it had a picture of a pig on it and the words "Bacon Press."

It turns out it was used to keep the bacon flat while it's cooking.
It's also a great name for a publishing company.

But this whole venture is not about us, it's about the authors and the books we publish.