"The triumph of this book is that the author does manage to rediscover and tell the story of the lost town, and the lost people of that town, through his research and contacts with the few who lived to remember. The triumph here is in remembering. In restoring what evil attempted to obliterate from history and from the hearts and minds of all people. This book bears witness to the worth of human life, human struggle to survive against all odds. With all the horrors it records, the ultimate message is one of hope and redemption. Certainly a worthwhile read!"

Now available - The Lost Town: Bringing Back Trochenbrod by Avrom Bendavid Val


A magical place, a lost history. Trochenbrod was a bustling commercial center of more than 5,000 people, all Jews, hidden deep in the forest in Northwest Ukraine. It thrived as a tiny Jewish kingdom unnoticed and unknown to most people, even though it was “the big city” for surrounding Ukrainian and Polish villages. The people of Trochenbrod vanished in the Holocaust, and soon nothing remained of this vibrant 130-year-old town but a mysterious double row of trees and bushes in a clearing in the forest. 

The Lost Town follows the adventures and discoveries of a man trying to uncover the secrets of the lost place where his father was born and raised. An imagined Trochenbrod was the setting for Jonathan Safran Foer’s novel, Everything is Illuminated, and the movie by the same name.

This fascinating nonfiction book for Young Adults will appeal to readers of all ages. It's a story to be read and passed on.

Now The Lost Town is also available in EBook.