"Al Sprague serves up all the action, romance, and escapist adventure anyone could ask for." —Paul J. Mila, author of Dangerous Waters and Near Miss 

For Jack Savage, finding the clear blue line means hitting that perfect spot in the ocean where everything comes together. The visibility is good, the diving is easy, and the fish are plentiful. And if there’s a hint of buried treasure? Even better. But whenever Jack and his friends go out in a boat, all they find is trouble.

Fearless, reckless, always up for a challenge, Jack’s single-minded pursuit of perfection drifts off course when he finds himself torn between two strong, beautiful women and discovers the most dangerous sharks aren’t always in the ocean.

In this fast-moving adventure story, Al Sprague artfully captures a Panama of the 1970s. A time when drug lords prowled on land, and pirates cruised the surface of a black sea at night, looking for prey.