A war on vice in Washington, DC - a city constantly awash in scandals? Hard to believe but it really happened. Only not exactly the way it's told here. 

The Call House: A Washington Novel by C.P. Stiles

The Call House: A Washington Novel by C.P. Stiles

In an upscale residential neighborhood, in a perfectly respectable apartment building, one of the best-known, high-priced call houses on the East Coast operates quietly on the top floor. Everything goes along smoothly until the DC Police and the FBI try to outdo each other in waging a war on vice. 

This funny, fast-paced novel casts Washington, DC in the 1940s as the main character, not just the setting. And as the adolescent world capital fills up with trainloads of hopefuls, you’ll get to know Mattie Simon, who wants some adventure, and Andrew Stevens, the newly elected congressman, who only wants to serve his country. But Washington has a way of changing people—even when they get what they want. 

C.P. Stiles’ crisp writing and sharp eye for detail keep you smiling as you take in a Washington that never dreamed of today’s scandals—but was on its way to them.

Released in paperback and eBook on May 15, 2017