Bacon Press Books did a beautiful job publishing my collection of short stories. Publisher Michele Orwin is the ultimate professional. Her team met the highest standards in innovative cover design and attractive layout, while her editing eye was the best I’ve ever encountered. She went beyond the mere production of a book; she made every effort to get it noticed,  steering me through the strange new world of online marketing through blogs and tweets, in addition to the traditional avenues of readings and reviews. This is a press that gives new life to books that are out of print or, like mine, were originally published only in hardback. I couldn’t have been more pleased.  - Kate Blackwell, You Won't Remember This

Working with Michele and Bacon Press Books has been a pleasure. She set me up with the best editor I have worked with as well as the best cover and layout artists. The finished product of Identity Thief is polished and professional and a better novel in both content and appearance than it would have been had I gone a more conventional publishing route. She also has given the book wide exposure. Previous novels got only a few reviews but thanks to Michele I am (as I write this) up to 100 on Amazon, where the novel hit the #1 position in various categories. I strongly encourage anyone to check out Bacon Press Books and see what Michele has to offer. She’s even fun to work with!
— JP Bloch, Identity Thief
I was very pleased with the quality of the various elements of my published novella, all of which elements Michelle was substantially responsible for. She handled the process of preparing the book for publication in a very professional manner, with excellent results. She works with very skilled people. In addition, she made a lot of effort to market my book and generate sales. I am extremely happy with the experience I had with Bacon Press. I wish I could have published another book with Bacon Press, which I suppose is the best praise of all.
— Danny Wynn, Man from the Sky



Sometimes ignorance can be a friend. When I started working with Bacon Press and Michele Orwin to pull together a collection of my published short stories, I didn’t know how much I didn’t know. And that was a good thing. If I had, it would have been too daunting. Michele helped me step-by-step through the process—deciding which stories to include and, as important, which to exclude; determining the order; choosing the title and the cover art; and understanding how to approach the physical format and visual style of the book.

”The editing, design, and promotional professionals to whom she introduced me along the way reflected the vision Michele has for Bacon Press—a publishing house that supports and grows with its authors. Perhaps among the things I appreciated the most were the conversations we had about writing in general, my work in particular, and her belief in what I had to share with readers. That, and the tireless way she worked to identify, develop, and implement promotional opportunities—from website design and support; to broadcast, print, and blog interviews; to opportunities to share my work in live venues.

”I also have to mention Michele’s open communication. She never failed to respond to a question, concern, or observation—and always did it thoughtfully and quickly. Although I’ve been a professional writer my entire life, my fiction career is relatively new. Michele has been a true partner in this endeavor. For that I cannot thank her enough.
— Frank Tavares - The Man Who Built Boxes



It’s worked way beyond any of my initial expectations.”

”Working with Bacon Press on my book was exactly what a publisher/writer venture should be. Michele was patient with this novice, found me the perfect editor and designers, shepherded the entire process, and created a marketing plan that has worked astonishingly well. By “astonishingly,” I mean that it’s worked way beyond any of my initial expectations. This has been the most agreeable and productive business relationship I’ve had.
— Ellis Chase, In Search of the Fun-Forever Job: Career Strategies That Work



Integrity and Style are the first two words that come to mind when I think of
Bacon Press Books.”

“Dear Michele,
The opposite of the Blues? It’s Gospel music, joyful songs of gratitude and praise. ‘I just want to testify ‘ is to Gospel what ‘woke up this morning’ is to the Blues. Memphis Earlene Gray and I just want to testify how grateful we are to Bacon Press Books for rescuing Blues for Beginners from out-of-print oblivion.

Here are some more adjectives that come to mind: smart, resourceful, dedicated, tremendously knowledgeable, and totally professional. Some more: visionary and practical.

Integrity and Style are the first two words that come to mind when I think of Bacon Press Books and you, possibly because they are the two traits I admire most.

Being introduced as a Bacon Press author was a proud moment in my writing life.
— Judith Podell, Blues for Beginners



The end result is a professionally published book. I recommend her to all of my clients!”

“Michele’s enthusiasm for her work is apparent in every project she undertakes. We have collaborated on several books, and her advanced knowledge of writing and publishing is apparent. She is reliable, accessible, and pleasant to work with. She ensures authors’ needs and goals are addressed in the publication and marketing arenas. The end result is a professionally published book. I recommend her to all of my clients!
— Lorraine Fico-White, Magnifico Manuscripts