Sigga of Reykjavik

Sigga of Reykjavik

Sigga of Reykjavik

by Solveig Eggerz

Would you risk your life for a stranger?

Meet Sigga, a spirited young woman who vows to escape the farm in rural Iceland where she and her mother work like serfs during the day and fend off demanding men at night.

She dreams of life in Reykjavik where she can learn to make corsets and earn a man’s wages. But instead of finding freedom in the city, she’s faced with grinding poverty. Practical, determined to survive and to create her own family, she rushes into an unfortunate marriage that takes her even further from her dream - she becomes a fishwoman, a midwife, a day laborer, a cook. Anything to put food on the table and protect her family. But the onset of World War II changes everything.

Eggerz presents a sweeping saga of life in Iceland in the first half of the 20th century. This once neutral country struggling for freedom from Denmark becomes home to all the forces tearing Europe apart--Jewish German refugees, German, British and American soldiers.

With so much chaos, will Sigga be able to keep her daughter safe? Can she continue to hold her family together? And what will become of her constant fight for independence?

“As brave Sigga fights her way through the mid-century chaos of war and dislocation to become the person she knew she was meant to be, you can’t help falling in love with her.”

– Frank S. Joseph, author, To Love Mercy