Looking for work? Changing careers? Discover the smart way to search.

Ellis Chase, one of Manhattan’s top career management consultants and executive coaches, brings his 25-plus years of experience and expertise to this reexamination of how you can target and find a job that fits.

You’ll find strategies you can use to: identify the career that’s right for you; build your networks; approach interviews; negotiate your salary; cope with the emotional roller coaster; make smarter decisions.

In Search of the Fun-Forever Job takes a fresh look at an old problem and turns some of the commonly held beliefs about job search and career management inside out.

  • Is the resume truly the key to a successful search?
  • Isn’t it easier to look for a job when you’re employed?
  • Won’t I improve my chances if I just put as many letters and resumes out there as possible, and hope some of them stick?
  • Isn't networking just calling everyone I know and asking for leads?

"I'm recommending it to my executive and full-time students and to everyone I know who's doing a search. If you are an executive or experienced in your career, Ellis knows your world. If you are new in the working world or trying to get a job quickly, you need to understand what's in this book. He doesn't lie and say it's easy, but he makes a good case that we all need to do it right."

2014 Eric Hoffer Award for Business Books Winner