"A tension-filled yet ultimately humane story about hard-won second chances. Warm and wise, Maureen Brady's Getaway takes the reader on a suspenseful and memorable journey to the tenderest corners of the human heart."                                          -                                       - Aaron Hamburger, author of The View from Stalin's Head and Faith for Beginners


After Cookie Wagner stabs her abusive husband, she flees to remote Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. For a moment, she seems to have gotten away with murder. But, consigned to a secretive life with a new name and the need to be on constant alert, she faces all she has not gotten away with. She's helped and feared by her new neighbors and dares to hope for a second chance. Even as the coastal winds of this wild place force the trees to grow on an angle, she too begins to grow.

Yet, there is no leaving behind the notion that Warren is dead as the result of her action. But is he? And if not, will he one day come to find her and once again ruin her life?

What readers are saying:

"Getaway is a pager-turner with the resonance of Annie Proulx’s The Shipping News . Unexpectedly nervy and resourceful, Cookie Wagner is my new favorite action hero, a good woman at the end of her rope. I started with Maureen Brady’s riveting first sentence “Cookie dove between the tall grasses, jammed with adrenaline” and didn’t stop reading until I got to the end of the book. Would make a terrific movie."

"The characters in Getaway are real, complicated and often quite likable. That's what I liked most about the book. The fact that they were adults with some living behind them and an understanding of both the importance and difficulties of connecting helped me relate to them. The individuals Cookie meets in remote Cape Breton made me think of the enduring Maine dwellers that people "Olive Kitteridge." Part mystery, Getaway is a sensual, satisfying, slow page turner. I hope to see it as a movie soon."


Suspenseful pages jam-packed with action which carries the reader away into a different yet recognizable world, where likeable and believable characters will linger long in the mind after the book is closed.
— - Sheila Kohler, author of ten novels, including Cracks, and the memoir, Once We Were Sisters
Sensitive, sensual, and stirring. Getaway is a true page-turner but one with heart and with context. I couldn’t put it down until I got to the end, not just to find out what happened, but also to discover who these intriguing and complex characters would develop into. An extremely satisfying read!
— Danielle Ofri, author of What Patients Say, What Doctors Hear; Editor, Bellevue Literary Review
Maureen Brady’s new novel, Getaway, explores wife abuse with surprising delicacy. Her upstate characters have grit and guts. . . . When did your sex last belong to you? is the question that drives the heroine’s pell-mell flight all the way to Canada. A compelling read . . .
— - Terese Svoboda, author of five novels including Bohemian Girl