Just Released! Landfall by Joseph Jablonski

Start the New Year with a great book. 

You can pick up a paperback copy of Landfall by Joseph Jablonski on Amazon. 

Seriously, this is a great book. Hard to describe, even harder to put down. 

Landfall is the story of Jake Thomas who has retired from a life at sea. He has settled into a comfortable retirement and even has a new wife. Yet a secret from Jake’s past can undo it all. On Jake’s first sea voyage more than forty years ago, a woman was murdered and now her children seek answers from Jake. Does he know what really happened? Did the wrong man go to jail? Can they trust him to finally tell the truth? 

Written in a style that compares to Joseph Conrad and James Patterson, the author drew upon his thirty years of sea experience to craft a book of mystery and intrigue. 

Get a copy for yourself and if you're still in a giving mood, get one for a friend. It's worth your time.